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Richard A. Smith - President/Broker/Chief Appraiser/Owner
Richard's experience in the auction industry includes the marketing and the liquidations of real estate (commercial, residential and farmland) businesses, industrial, estates, antiques and municipalities.  His military experience in the United States Navy from 1971-1973 along with his involvement in his church, his community and professional associations demonstrate his dedication and commitment, which he uses to help his clients obtain their goals of marketing and liquidating real and personal property.  He has worked in the auction and real estate industries since 1989 and has conducted and participated in numerous real estate and personal property auctions throughout Georgia and the Southeastern United States.   Richard's varied experiences and extensive education, along with his goal of performing with the highest degree of ethics and honesty, provide the ideal opportunity for his clients to obtain their goals.
Because of our strong beliefs in the proven methods of accelerated marketing and the auction method of liquidation, we have dedicated ourselves to providing these services to the general public.  We believe in order to provide the very best service to our clients and customers, we must live in our market area.  Our ideals and methods offer a solution to the needs of transferring ownership of real and personal property in the most expeditious manner while generating the highest price as determined by a competitive market.  For these methods to function to their greatest degree of success, they must be conducted by a qualified professional.  Therefore, we have sought and attained the highest designations in the auction industry which signify we have demonstrated a superior level of training and accomplishment.  With the desire to provide quality service to the general public,  our goal is to conduct our business at Auctions, Inc. with the highest degree of professionalism, ethics, honesty and confidentiality.   Within these parameters we will work faithfully executing the terms and spirit of our contracts while fulfilling our fiduciary duties to our clients.